Dental Department

In the dental clinic, the highest standard of dentistry and customer or patient care are provided due to the presence of high quality dental team include doctors and nurses supported by practice receptionists.
The dental clinic is equipped by a multifunctional high quality dental chair to provide comfort and stability to the patient and dental team (Sirona).

The dental clinic provide diagnosis and management of all dental diseases to adults and children including :

  • Painless treatment for all dental cases with the help of recent methods of anaesthesia.
  • Oral hygiene care and this include :
    – Professional cleaning of teeth including teeth scaling and polishing.
    – Debridement of tartar accumulation
    – Educational services by providing instruction for proper oral care and health.
  • Restorative treatment for carious teeth or decay tooth by filling the cavities affected.
  • Rool canal treatment ( Endodontic treatment).
  • Fixed prosthesis as crowns , veneers , Bridges by using different materials as porcelain, porcelain fuse to metal and zhirconium.
  • Partial or complete denture (Removable) to replace missing teeth.
  • Implant placement as a procedure in which a titanium implant is surgically placed in the bone and an artificial tooth is connected later (4-6 months).
  • Bleaching of the teeth ( whitening) by either :
    – Immediate in the same visit by using the latest professional whitening system (Zoom).
    – Home bleaching ( whitening).
  • Extraction and oral surgery speciality including :         – Simple extraction of teeth .
    – Surgical extraction of wisdom tooth.
    – Surgical extraction of badby brocken teeth and remaining roots.
    – Oral surgical procedures.
  • Pediatric treatment and care for the maintenance of primary (baby) teeth.
  • Very special care and treatment of pregnant patient teeth during pregnancy.

Under the supervision of Doctors

Dr. Daline Ebrahim