We provide a wide range of laboratory investigation through implementation of the most updated technology in the laboratory field handled by highly qualified and well-trained staff.

Our service covers all lab including :

  • Hematology
  • Clinical chemistry : including Liver, Renal, Lipids, Cardiac and minerals profiles in addition to a number of metabolites in urine and tests for monitoring diabetic control
  • Microbiology : bacterial and fungal cultures for all types specimens and swabs
  • Endocrinology : including thyroid function tests, males and females fertility profiles, bone profile for osteoporosis
  • Serology

In addition to our packages for certain profiles with low values as well as the check-up programs (General, Male and Female check-up profiles) and admission profile (SMAC20)

We are collaborating with world-wide central laboratories for specialized investigations and molecular and genetics studies for diagnosis of hereditary diseases .

Service of interpretation of laboratory investigations provided through specialists and consultants in laboratory medicine aiming for maximum patients satisfaction and reassurance.