Dr. Majda Al-Yatama

Dr. Majda Al-Yatama

OB/GYN & IVF Consultant

Academic Qualifications:

International Memberships:

 • Member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, London.

• Member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

• Permanent member of the British Medical Association since 1992.

• British Fellowship in Family Planning and Reproductive Health.

• Participating member of the European Society of Fertility and Assisted Reproduction.

• Member of the European Society of Female Genital Plastic Surgery.

International Participations:

Due to her extensive experience of over 25 years in the field of assisted reproductive technology, infertility, and fetal maternal medicine, Dr. Majda Al-Yatama is considered one of the leading experts in this field, with numerous scientific publications in well-known international journals. As such, she is regularly invited to attend global conferences in various countries around the world, as part of an elite group of specialized physicians. She has also participated in many scientific and international conferences in the aforementioned fields.

Scientific Achievements and Excellence:

  • One of the first doctors in Kuwait to establish the fetal maternal medicine unit at the Maternity Hospital in 1996.
  • Specialized in assisted reproductive technology since 1996.
  • Established the assisted reproductive technology unit at Dar Al-Biraa Medical Center under the supervision of a Belgian team since 2005.
  • Provides early detection of genetic diseases and fetal abnormalities during pregnancy using CVS at week 11 of pregnancy, as well as taking a sample of fetal blood and treating it during pregnancy, such as blood transfusion and some fetal therapies in the womb.
  • Performs all cesarean section surgeries, natural deliveries, and cosmetic surgeries, including the aforementioned procedures.
  • Specialized in modern female cosmetic surgery.
  • The success rates of assisted reproductive technology procedures performed at Dar Al-Biraa Medical Center in Kuwait are comparable to those of international assisted reproductive technology centers.
  • Provides accurate four-dimensional diagnostic ultrasounds for the fetus at all stages of pregnancy.
  • Monitors critical pregnancy cases.
  • Performs all gynecological surgeries by hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, including removal of uterine fibroids by laparoscopy, as well as all gynecological surgeries such as hysterectomy and tumor removal by laparotomy.
Dr. Majda Al-Yatama
Dr. Majda Al-Yatama

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